Single-Bracket Belt Scale


Single-Bracket Belt Weigher


- simple installation
- easy to maintain
- simple to operate
- robust design
- manifold integration into plant- and process automation


The belt weigher SB-BW is a compact and robust system to determine the flow rate, totalized amount of material as well as load profiles of belt conveyors. EMSYS belt weighers are designed for the harsh environments of the mining and other industry sectors. The rugged design, easy integration into existing belt conveyors and simple installation combined with a minimum maintenance effort characterizes the SB-BW.


The belt weigher SB-BW consists of the weighing beam integrated in the conveyor construction. The conveyed material applies a force proportional to its weight through the belt and the roller bracket on to the load cells. On the basis of the design of the belt-weigher, only the vertical component of the weight force affects the load cells. The resulting deflection of the strain gauges in the load cells are transformed into an electrical signal proportional to the weight. Simultaneously the belt speed is acquired by the tow carriage in the lower run of the conveyor. Alternatively the belt speed can be measured by two redundant revolution sensor idlers. The product of the weight and belt speed results in the current flow rate.


1 Control unit
2 Weighing beam
3 Odometer pulse generator / tow carriage
4 Modified- / customized roller bracket

Technical data

System specific data

Belt width Standard 1000 mm - 2500 mm
Belt speed 0,5 m/s - 5 m/s
Inclination ≤ 20° from the horizontal at
  fixed incline
  (no relative material movement)
  ≥ 20° by reduced accuracy
Profile of roller bracket 40° < 45° by reduced accuracy
Spacing from neighbored 0,6 m - 1,5 m
roller brackets  

System specific data

IP-Code IP 65
Accuracy* ± 0,5 % of actual flow rate
  ± 1 % of nominal flow rate
Design Standard and ATEX [Ex I M2 EEx ib I ]

* Specified accuracies refer either to nominal (maximum) flow rate or to the corresponding actual flow rate in the range of 25 % to - 100 %.